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Golden Ratio in Photography

Golden Ratio | Visual Composition Golden Ratio is one of the most interesting rule taken from Mathematics, which is divided by the ratio 1: 1.6 which is also called divine ratio by Renaissance artists. It is also called Golden Mean. Golden ratio is always used to create most pleasing and stunning images. Most commonly in Photography it is said Golden ration is advanced version of rule of thirds, but the golden ratio is mainly followed and admired by the mathematicians, […]


Leading Lines

Leading Lines | Composition Leading lines are the technique used in photography for grabbing attention of the viewer to the main subject through the line. It’s often good in landscape which helps to create most stunning photographs. Through the leading line, our eyes tends to follow the line to most interesting subject. Using of this technique is more seen in landscape and architecture photography. Here are some photographs showing the leading lines.   Copyrights: All the photos and text in […]