Photography Career After 12th

Photography after 12th

Photography is all about capturing the moments that later develop into the pictures. But, if you ask the professionals who have the right balance between the skill and the ability. Then, they will define far beyond the definition given by Oxford. Photography is an art that many people cannot master. But if one wants to get success in this career after 12th, then he/she requires utter determination and strong will to achieve it.

As the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”. And if you want to master it, then unlike any other course, you can also build a career in photography after 12th. By the same token, many questions arise in the mind of the aspirants that whether photography can be done after 10th or 12th??? and if so, how to do it?? Will it be useful and things like that. No worries aspirants!!! through this blog, you will get a clear path on how to build up a photography career after 12th.

First, it is important to mention that basic schooling or what we call formal education is required. That means you must complete your 12th class. Furthermore, it’s not like that you can’t make a photography career after 10th. But, keeping your future in mind, before choosing any profession you must complete your formal education i.e. 12th. Because this is important for your future in terms of both professional as well as personal life.

And now, we will talk about how to become a professional photographer after 12th??
Firstly, let me tell you one thing, people have several views on it.
You would have heard…………… people repeatedly saying that,

Photography can’t be taught, spending your time and money to learn photography is useless. It is better you do a crash course and then become an assistant to a professional photographer. And at the end of the day, you can make your career in photography.

Well, some people in the photography industry believe the same. But is this perspective suitable for everyone who has a keen interest in this field?????
Maybe, it applies to those people who can smartly understand and learn things fast. Not only that, they know how to bring that knowledge into practice and apply the same in their future career. But it is quite difficult to predict how long it will take; maybe a few months or several years.

Now, the question is… Can one make a photography career after 12th? Do you need to learn photography or is it that becoming an assistant to a professional photographer is worth it???
Well, just think about an engineer, a doctor or a lawyer,
All of them are professionals with skills, education, knowledge, and experience in their respective fields. Now, if someone is assisting any of these professionals in their field of work. Then, doesn’t it mean that the so-called assistant is an educated person from the related field? Will anyone be able to fit in this field without a proper education??

Without learning engineering from an engineering college, how can a person describe himself as an engineer and how can one expect that a renowned senior engineer will train him to be a professional????

Just think…. is it possible?? Is it not the same for any profession???

Whether it’s a doctor, advocate, or photographer, it is always advisable to assist a senior when you have already gained knowledge and learned in that area. And then you work with one of the senior experienced professional photographers to enhance your knowledge as well as to acquire valuable tips from your senior’s experiences. Now that makes sense…..right?

Well according to the survey conducted, it is concluded that:

• 15% of the people consider the first method to make a career in photography…. that’s assisting a senior professional….
• 10% consider of taking up photography career by themselves…. that is to learn, experiment, do and try by own
• While 75% of the people, including candidates or students, their parents, and professionals in the field consider that learning is essential for good knowledge. Without which………. a successful career is a difficult part….

So, let’s check out the 6 essential factors to make a successful photography career after 12th:

  1. Everyone should know about is to know about your camera. You must be the master of your camera, not by just simply clicking it but also to take it artistically to stand out in the crowd.
  2. Having good communication skills. Then, whether you work in a company or as a freelancer…. You need to maintain a good relationship with clients, models, and also with your co-workers. For which your communication skills matter.
  3. You must have good marketing skills, and for that, you have to be socially active. Moreover, if you want to boost your career, it is necessary to have a wider exposure to your photography skills. So, as to gain some fame and popularity in this field, marketing skills are important.
  4. You must understand the Proper Lighting techniques. It means that you should be able to control light in any location and capture images as soon as possible.
  5. You must be a little bit of technical i.e, your editing part. A photographer must give his time to create, compose as well as to enhance his photos….
  6. You need to have a good Portfolio of your own, in which you can display the most wonderful pictures you have shot so far. Furthermore, you can probably prepare as your printed portfolio book or maintain your online website and upload your latest works.

To acquire all these 6 elements by yourself, or by assisting someone is not impossible… but yes, it’s difficult.

So, you need to invest your time. For 1 year…. 2 years or …. 3years….
Depending upon one’s choice, willingness to invest both time and money. As you may find some people go for degree courses, some for professional diploma and PG diploma courses. On learning, photography from a college. You get the right vision and guidance which will be useful in our future.

Well, once you complete your course of photography study of 3yrs…2 yrs… or 1 yr…, now its turn to work in the field. Start working as an assistant, intern, freelancer, or directly get placed as a professional photographer in the companies.

Remember, always choose the right direction, work hard, and be dedicated to your work. So, that you can also become a photographer even after your 12th.

Thereupon, the recent survey has revealed that some students could not complete their 12th. So, now the question arises that if you could not complete or pass 12th… then??

Hey, don’t worry if you couldn’t pass on any subjects, make sure you prepare well and re-appear in exams next time. With this, if you don’t want to lose your year, and if you are fond of photography, then you should choose a photography course in which the eligibility is 10th. And go ahead without wasting your further years…….

Photography courses can be opted even after basic schooling, or even if you are a graduate, postgraduate, or a working person. So, never look back or be shy when you have a bucket full of dreams to achieve.

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