Professional Photography Lighting Class

For Fashion | Wedding | Portrait

Photography lighting course is all about making one learn how to light in any situation and arrange it for one’s photography. It is a platform wherein one analysis, evaluates and apply various lighting techniques as per their subject and requirement. You will get to know and learn how to modify your light in the best possible way both in indoor or outdoor lighting.  You will learn and practice photography with flashes, strobes, modifiers, reflectors, and speed lights.

Lighting hands-on practice session will let you creatively apply to light for various moods and concept for products and people in both the studio and on location. You will learn how to use different lights namely hard light, soft light, key light, fill light, kickers and backlights to be able to create portraits of all styles. This master class in lighting will demonstrate you to how to use studio space totally under your control.

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Photography Lighting Course

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