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how to get photography jobs

Photographers are all around us. Whether you attend a friend’s wedding ceremony, a conference, a school program, a rally in the street, or simply visit a new place. You will definitely find a minimum of two photographers at that spot, for sure. But, then here, it’s important to know what are the essential factors that a photographer needs to achieve before making an effort to enter the photography field as a profession. So, let’s see here, How to apply for photography jobs? And about the Photography job eligibility?

Many of us would have noticed that before one makes an effort to apply for the photography job, he or she start calling themselves as a professional photographer.  But, many of them fail, when it comes to applying for the job in photography or finding oneself fit into this field. Why is it so?

There are different types of jobs available in photography. Several companies offer opportunities for the same. But all those demands for certain factors, that they want to see in their photographers.

Let’s make it clear and simple. Like any other profession, Photography as a profession also follows certain criteria. So, let’s get into these job criteria or eligibility and know the step by step process for making a good career in Photography.

The strategy that I would mention here is the FPRP Strategy. It had never failed when it comes to applying for photography jobs. FPRP strategy is a simple yet powerful technique. It is the most effective and 100% proven strategy, worldwide.

FPRP strategy is based on the 4 most influential and essential factors that you should take care of while preparing for a Photography Job.

1. Formal Education

Formal Education is required for any kind of Job. Particularly, when you are planning for a photography career, one must at least have a formal education of 12th or Degree. But then it depends on company to company. Some of the companies, even appoint candidates who have just 10th class of formal education.

In Photography, the tact of good communication plays an important role in achieving a successful career. So, at least you should have completed the basic schooling.

2. Photography Education


Since you are preparing to apply for the job in Photography, without any doubt, you need to have a proper photography educational qualification.

You should have knowledge about the use of Camera, Lighting, Editing, DSLR Videography, and Video Editing.

Hence, acquire education for photography by pursuing a photography course either of one year, two years, or three years duration as per one’s choice.


3. Resume Preparation

Firstly, we need to understand, why a company needs a resume?

They need it because the company doesn’t know who you are and they just can’t waste their time asking, what you did in life so far? So, in order to catch their attention, you should design your resume with crisp information, which needs to be informative, simple as well as attractive.

Just divide your resume into 5 parts. i.e,

resume sample to apply for photography job

1st part: “About Yourself” – Personal details like Full name, date of birth, gender, etc…

2nd part: “Contact Details” – Including your contact number, mail id, social-website links, permanent address, etc…

3rd part: “Educational Qualification” – Including your academic passing years, percentage of marks, and technical skills.

4th part: “Work Experience” Mentioning the prominent projects, and works that you have successfully handled so far.

5th part: “Personal Skills” – Mentioning your other extra activities, hobbies, or skills.

Following the above, one could make an attractive resume. Always keep in mind to update it from time to time and submit the latest resume while applying for the Photography jobs.

4. Portfolio Preparation

Nowadays, usually, companies look for multi-talented candidates. Hence, there must be a portfolio that can showcase the talent of the candidate in various streams of photography. Preparing a portfolio before applying for jobs is a must. And, as a photographer, one must surely have 2 formats of portfolios. Namely, the Printed Portfolio and Digital Portfolio.

• Printed Portfolio is the one in the form of a book comprising your prominent and best works in photography. And

Digital Portfolio is the one in the form of online media, in order to showcase your works to clients, interviewers, etc…

In this digital world, when everything is available online, so why should a photographer be behind?

Now, if you are ready with this FPRP strategy. Then, you are eligible for the photography job and apply for the companies, that you once wished for. On the other hand, one’s practical knowledge and presence of mind during the interviews have greater importance.

Finally, kindly note that the FPRP strategy is applicable for all those who wish to take up photography as a full-time profession either in any company or as a freelancer. So, now just get ready and prepared to enter the big world of the photography Industry.







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