Photography Jobs

photography jobs

Photography is such a vast field, that there are different categories or types of photography.  It allows us to choose one or more among them as our job or profession. For instance, we can make our profession in fashion photography, wedding and event photography, wildlife photography, product photography, photojournalism, travel photography, and so on. It is all about finding the best opportunities in Photography jobs.

You can build up a very strong career in photography by working as a photographer in 3 main ways.

  • Public sector
  • Private Sector and
  • As a freelancer

Photography Jobs in Public Sector

Working in a Public Sector is when you get the opportunity to work as a photographer or its related streams in the organizations that are owned and operated by the government. Such as in Government Offices, Government departments, or like Govt. Projects.

Photography Jobs in Private Sector

The next opportunity is to work in the Private Sector. These are the companies and organizations that are owned and run in by private individuals.
For example, the advertising companies, commercial and e-commerce companies, event organizing companies, and many such private-owned organizations.

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In both the Public and Private sectors, the photography job offered is either Salary-based or Project-based, depending upon the department and the type of work.

Photography Jobs in Freelance Photography

Freelancing is when you work for any other company for any number of projects. Moreover, you may even get opportunities to take photographs of different clients as per their needs and requirements.

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Hence, whether you are interested in any genre of photography, there are various opportunities. Like in Media photography, Photojournalism, Wildlife photography, Event photography, Fashion Photography, Product photography, or any other category. The right path to finding those jobs are important.  You may find photography jobs in the private sector, the public sector as well as in freelancing.

Eligibility to achieve a career in Photography

In the private and public sectors, companies demand well-qualified and skilled photographers. Minimum eligibility for basic formal education, such as 10th or 12th is required. While there are few companies that prefer graduate candidates. Apart from this, candidates need to have compulsorily fulfilled 2 requirements.

Photography education can be acquired by undergoing a photography course of a minimum 1-year to a maximum of 3 to 5 years. While an individual portfolio will prove your talent and play the role of putting your experiences together.

Now, let’s see what is the required eligibility for being a freelance photographer?
Specifically, there is no basic eligibility required when you are working as a freelance photographer. Well, that sounds interesting.

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Your skills, professionalism, portfolio and quality of work, approach towards clients, photography, and camera knowledge remain the key factors and eligibility to achieve the next freelancing project.
So basically, If your work is good and you prove it in your project, then you are eligible for the next more projects. It’s that simple.

What is the salary for photographers in India?

In the private and public sector, a photographer may earn as much as Rs.15000/ to Rs.20000/- in an average per month as a beginner. With continuous working skills, the salary can gradually increase.

On the other hand, a freelance photographer does not work on a salary-basis. He or she is paid as per the projects and the quality of work. Hence freelancers can earn on an average of Rs.20000/- to 1 Lac and even above in a month.

Photography is a responsible and challenging field. Like any other profession, Photography also needs lots of hard work, dedication, commitment, and experience.

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