Mentor’s Talk

26th Jan 19

Shapes in Light

Shapes in Light | Streets Lighting is very sensitive subject in Photography. It is...
26th Jan 19

Composition of Triangle

Composition of Triangle in Photography This is one of the timeless techniques used in...
26th Jan 19

Frame in Frame

Frame in Frame We can call it as infamous technique as it is very...
26th Jan 19

Golden Ratio in Photography

Golden Ratio | Visual Composition Golden Ratio is one of the most interesting rule...
26th Jan 19

Leading Lines

Leading Lines | Composition Leading lines are the technique used in photography for grabbing...
26th Jan 19

Rule of Thirds applied in Photography

Rule of Thirds | Street Photography Rule of thirds is one of the basic...
14th Nov 18

Waterscape – Photography Workshop

Waterscape Photography – Workshop! Its always not just been capturing photographs for Mr. Abin...
14th Nov 18

Portrait Photography and Lighting Workshop

Mr. Abin Alex is not just a Photographer, he also takes workshops on several...
23rd Mar 18

Top Inspirational Quotes for Photographers

Most Inspirational Quotes for Photographers from traditional Photo Mentor Abin Alex. “A Photographer must...
2nd Feb 18

How to Do Macro Photography in Indoor?

Indoor Macro Studio A very unique technique of taking macro insects photography in the...
8th Jan 18

Professional Photography Lighting Class

For Fashion | Wedding | Portrait Photography lighting course is all about making one...