Top Inspirational Quotes for Photographers


Most Inspirational Quotes for Photographers from traditional Photo Mentor Abin Alex.

“A Photographer must have the ability to understand and read the nature.” – Abin Alex

“First focus your idea and then focus your lens” – Abin Alex

“Photography is not just a click, but it is the depth of documenting world.” – Abin Alex

” A good photographer is a good teacher.” – Abin Alex

” A person grows to be a photographer in true sense only when he shares his knowledge.” – Abin Alex

” Education is the most powerful lens which you can use to zoom the world.” – Abin Alex

” Photography is like a river, every time you enter, you will get new things.”  – Abin Alex

” Camera is an instrument without a brain, so use your brain and think before your frame.”  – Abin Alex

” Light is the language of photography whereas shadows and highlights are two meaningful words in it.”  – Abin Alex

” Camera won’t take pictures, you do it.” – Abin Alex

” Camera is raw, you need to draw it in a canvas.” – Abin Alex

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