Rule of Thirds applied in Photography


Rule of Thirds | Street Photography

Rule of thirds is one of the basic guideline or technique used for the visual composition of a photograph. It helps to create more interest in photographs by placing the main subjects in one of the thirds.

Rule of thirds is divided by two equal horizontal and vertical lines in the frame. Below in the first image you can see the equal distribution. By dividing into equal two , we get 4 meeting points of vertical and horizontal lines. Now, what percentage of the photographers like to place the subject on which point is the question. Right upper point constitutes of 20%, left upper with 41%, right lower is with 14% and left lower is with 25%.

It is also depends upon the type of photography you are doing. Below are some photographs explaining rule of thirds in street photography.

Rule of Thirds distribution



1) Main Subject placed at 20% point of Rule of thirds




2. Main Subject placed at 41% point of Rule of thirds

ruleof3rds-applied-in-photography-abinalex Apply- RuleofThirds-in-your-Photography-abinalex


3. Main Subject placed at 20% point of Rule of thirds

best-example-for-ruleofthirds-abinalex top-ten-rule-of-thirds-applied-street-abinalex-abinalex


4. Main Subject placed at 20% point of Rule of thirds

ruleofthirds-abinalex-photomentor-India-abinalex rule-of-thirds-street-photography-tricks-abinalex


5. Main Subject placed at 20% point of Rule of thirds

world-top-ten-photomentor-abinalex-abinalex rule-of-thirds-street-photography-abinalex-abinalex


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