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Shapes in Light

Shapes in Light | Streets Lighting is very sensitive subject in Photography. It is the reason for most epic legendary photographs created so for. Without the play of light in photograph, it is impossible to judge the photograph. It is also very interesting when the light creates shapes in the photograph leading to amusing subjects or just portraying the mood of the frame. Shapes are everywhere, it is just we have to see to form it through the light. Here […]


Composition of Triangle

Composition of Triangle in Photography This is one of the timeless techniques used in painting and photography to form the main subject in a triangular shape. It is all about connecting the points by which we can highlight the main subject and make it more interesting. All the techniques in photography or visual composition are used for making the photograph more interesting and beautiful. And capturing the main subject in triangular shape is not at all new. Here are the […]


Golden Ratio in Photography

Golden Ratio | Visual Composition Golden Ratio is one of the most interesting rule taken from Mathematics, which is divided by the ratio 1: 1.6 which is also called divine ratio by Renaissance artists. It is also called Golden Mean. Golden ratio is always used to create most pleasing and stunning images. Most commonly in Photography it is said Golden ration is advanced version of rule of thirds, but the golden ratio is mainly followed and admired by the mathematicians, […]