Meeting Life of the Green

Meeting Life of the Green

Flying Frog | Macro Photography

On that very pleasant morning, when the sky had glooming light and the river that was flowing beside my home was calm, I meet this flying frog. Its green colour attracted me and moreover, its flying performance was simply great. I saw this green frog flying from one tree branch to the other. As soon as I decided to capture it, I found the frog finding other shrub and flew over it. After a long wait, the frog started flying closer and closer to my place. A gentle approach towards it and here is where it flew to the shrub that was nearest to me.

It had tiny black spots on its head and back body. Their light yellow coloured pop-up eyes resemble the head light of the vehicle. I could take macro photography of this insect with its horizontal pupils and eyes projecting and focusing towards the frame.


Some of the other frogs of the same category are found with eyes in light green, light yellow or light grey. This flying frog had interesting broad webbing between its forelimbs and hindlimbs which allowed it to slide from one part to the other.

The yellow colour that could be seen when it flies or glides over was one another reason for me to capture this most colourful macro. The other interesting facts about these attractive colourful frogs are that the male flying green frogs can have more colours on the sides of their abdomens that are on the bottom side of their body. Some of these categories can have orange, green, purple, black or yellow colour on the bottom side of their body.

Meeting this flying green frog for the first time and getting it into my frame was something that made me enjoy the macro photography. Later, I found such frogs several times gliding from one greenery to the other.