Types of Fashion Photography

Fashion is not a new thing, but it matters everywhere. Because whenever we observe people, we usually see 3 things by default, i.e., their outfits, personality, and the way of communication. And apart from that, we all judge others by their fashion sense. People have different opinions about Fashion, Fashion Trends, and Fashion Photography.

Some people say it is glamour, comfort, class, and status while others consider more than that. So, before understanding, “What is Fashion Photography?”, first we need to understand, “What is fashion?”

What is Fashion?

It’s not very easy to answer this question. Because everyone has different opinions and perspectives about it. It is something we deal with every day.

Fashion is a non-verbal form of communication that conveys a lot about one’s personality. It is beyond age. And can be spotted everywhere from a newborn to an elderly person. Fashion enhances human life because not only it allows you to dress fashionably but also allows you to maintain the 3C’s in life. That is,

  1. Confidence
  2. Comfort
  3. Charm

What is Fashion Photography?

Fashion is evolving every day. So in order to witness different trends in our society, fashion photography got introduced. It is a branch that focuses on documenting and selling fashion. It had been around since the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Introduced into society by well-known magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, which is still available in the market.

Now, the next question that arises here is, “what are these trends and how they are shot?”

Fashion Photography is one of the best career options in Photography. There are a variety of genres in fashion photography. But before shooting any kind of genre, a photographer must know certain things, that are,

  • Camera
  • Lighting
  • Color
  • Location and
  • Fashion Poses

Above all, there should be a storyline to capture the scenes. And if one succeeds to understand all these key points, then, you can shoot different types of fashion photography.

Types of Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography has a greater scope and importance in society. It is now known by different names as per the purpose and requirements. There are various ways to mention the types of fashion photography,

Editorial Photography

It is all about a theme that is supported by text to tell a story. These kinds of photography are mainly used in magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc… to strengthen the article. And this genre is not for ads.

Lifestyle Photography

This genre is to shoot or document real-life events, in an artistic manner. In other words, to capture the slice of life, the precious moments in real life.

Glamour Photography

It is one of the most beautiful genres in this field. This genre is all about the beauty and charm, mainly featuring the physical beauty of the model. In this, models gestures and confidence should interpret, what that particular frame wants to convey.

Catalog Photography

Usually, it is used by most of the companies to display their products in one go. It is shot in a plain background to highlight the product so as to attract the appropriate buyers. Like that of Calvin Klein, Adidas etc.

Portrait Photography

It is also called portraiture. It is an artistic skill to capture a person’s attitude in a frame. It’s all about capturing the face and their identity.

Kids and New Born Photography

The most challenging as well as the rewarding genre. Safety is always a priority in this genre. As it is difficult to get children posed for the shoots. And it better to shoot in soft natural light as our models are babies.

Street Photography

In this, the photographers shoot models in their daily chore, so as to highlight the trends in the real world. This type of fashion photography is shot in the streets, on the roads, between the daily routine of the street. It not only captures the particular trend, but also their expression, confidence, and attitude after wearing that particular piece of cloth.

Portfolio Photography

Different industries have different meanings. In this field, it refers to the collection of works of an individual. It is a kind of resume of artistic people. A portfolio can be made in every field of photography, even for photographers also.

But most importantly, one has to consider what the portfolio is for? Is it for an interview? or to showcase in a gallery? or just to bringing up the work together to be a freelancer?

Accordingly, one should think about all these before setting up. For job and freelancers, a variety of skills and techniques should be showcased just like Models & Designers Portfolio. Whereas, for the gallery, it requires a single unifying theme just like that of Maternal Portfolio.

Thereupon, an interesting thing about fashion is that like a pandemic it happened. Not only among a particular community, but it’s known all over the world. The world is very huge with different diversities and cultures. And fashion is one of the ultimate ways to express it.





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