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Rule of Thirds applied in Photography

Rule of Thirds | Street Photography Rule of thirds is one of the basic guideline or technique used for the visual composition of a photograph. It helps to create more interest in photographs by placing the main subjects in one of the thirds. Rule of thirds is divided by two equal horizontal and vertical lines in the frame. Below in the first image you can see the equal distribution. By dividing into equal two , we get 4 meeting points of […]

Waterscape – Photography Workshop

Waterscape Photography – Workshop! Its always not just been capturing photographs for Mr. Abin Alex. Creative techniques which he shares with his students is the best reason why aspiring Photographers attend his Workshop, whether it is indoor or outdoor or in the water! This video is the glimpse of the proof, why his workshops are being the huge success till now. Follow & Like:

Portrait Photography and Lighting Workshop

Mr. Abin Alex is not just a Photographer, he also takes workshops on several topics of Photography. His classes have inspired so many aspiring photographers to become professional and some of them are in very high position. This is the video of Photography workshop on Art of Portrait and Lighting. Follow & Like:


Top Inspirational Quotes for Photographers

Most Inspirational Quotes for Photographers from traditional Photo Mentor Abin Alex. “A Photographer must have the ability to understand and read the nature.” – Abin Alex “First focus your idea and then focus your lens” – Abin Alex “Photography is not just a click, but it is the depth of documenting world.” – Abin Alex ” A good photographer is a good teacher.” – Abin Alex ” A person grows to be a photographer in true sense only when he […]

How to Do Macro Photography in Indoor?

Indoor Macro Studio A very unique technique of taking macro insects photography in the indoor. Everyone knows, there are studios for portrait/fashion photography, but here Mr. Abin Alex has created an indoor creative studio for photographing insects. As you all may know, Kerala is well known for greenery and beautiful nature. It is also home for a vast range of insects and birds. Using the opportunity of this, he studied about the insects which are more available in his surroundings […]